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Lockton understands that Veterinarians like you demand tailored insurance policies that suits the needs of your profession to better protect your reputation and livelihood. As a Veterinarian, you take responsibility for your client’s best friends to vaccinate against diseases, perform operations and advise on the ongoing treatments of their beloved pets.

Pet owners naturally get upset if something goes wrong during a routine visit. In this case, you may end up facing allegations of malpractice, even though you've done everything possible to provide a good standard of care.

We also provide insurance solutions for your clinic and staff.

Why Do Veterinarians Need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

A Professional Indemnity policy will protect you and your staff should a pet die or contract an illness in your care and the owner brings a lawsuit against you. Veterinary malpractice may also help cover court costs and any damages awarded up to the limit of the insurance policy.

It is important that you are protected for legal costs and expenses as litigation involving professional indemnity claims can often be complex as well as very expensive.

Key Features of our cover:

  • Premium starting from HKD 5,000

  • Deductible starting from HKD 20,000

  • Full Policy Limit for Legal Representation Expenses

  • Cover for reputation expenses

  • One free Limit of Liability Reinstatement

We also offer Office Insurance and Cyber Insurance for clinics and hospitals.

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